Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hannah Montana's Hair... Errr, Concert Movie Extended!

**Update Feb 10th: BOBW now stands at $53 million + as of today! U23D wide release coming up February 15th - be sure to see it if you haven't already with the limited IMAX release.

**Update Feb 5th:
Disney now reports that BOBW made $31.1 million on its first weekend and not $29m as originally estimated! That makes for a jaw dropping $45,561 per screen - and hey folks, it ain't over yet. Remember most of the first week has been sold out in advance - look for continued superlative results from this wonderful 3D movie.

**Update Feb 4th:
Disney will be ending the extension of "Best of Both Worlds" by February 15th, which is the wide release date of the critically acclaimed 3D concert U23D which is in limited release now in select IMAX theaters.**

Yep - just as I thought; Disney has decided to extend the Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus "Best of Both Worlds" (TBOBW) 3D concert movie until it has run its course. Of course it was a publicity gimmick. Of course it worked. Her concert movie is number one at the box office. Easily.

Quote from Disney: “Audience reaction for the Disney Digital 3-D presentation of ‘Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert’ has been so overwhelming that we’ve decided to extend the film’s theatrical run … The extra playing time will give more fans a chance to see their favorite performer in an exciting new way that brings the concert experience to life on the big screen. It will also accommodate those fans who want to come and enjoy the experience again. Miley is clearly one of today’s most exciting, talented and charismatic performers, and we’re delighted that her fans are having such a great time with this entertaining and innovative 3-D adventure.”

TBOBW is playing in only 683 theatres (we estimated close to 700 theaters last year for this release), "Hannah Montana" has broken two records: Firstly, it has debuted in the top box office spot with the fewest ever theaters and secondly, it has raked in $29 million (estimated) more than any other movie on a Super Bowl Weekend.

The movie averaged an absolutely AMAZING $42,460 a screen, compared with an average of $5,337 in 2,436 theaters for "The Eye" and $2,327 in 1,977 theatres for "Over Her Dead Body." THAT my friends is theater productivity. Ticket prices have been averaging about $15. Do you see the potential for "Avatar" which will have demographic appeal right across the board and have 4 or 5 times the number of theaters available for screening? Titanic is really going to be sunk. By Captain Cameron no less. Can't wait for that eventuality...

I have not seen this one yet, but I will catch it soon. I don't want to take some little girls coveted seat during the first weekend! More soon.

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