Friday, February 29, 2008

James Cameron Interviewed in HDVideoPro Magazine: Scanned Pages !

Awesome James Cameron interview here - some "Avatar" tidbits:

A Glimpse of Avatar (James Cameron) "I can't think of a better movie for 3-D - action, creatures, big aerial battles and more. It's going to rock the house. It's another world - a world of great beauty and savagery, a mystical place where humans, with their greed and technology, confront a virgin world of great danger and wonder. When t he humans try to take what's not theirs, as they have done since the dawn of time whenever they inhabit a new land, the land fights back. And the fight is on; the scale is off the chain. And that's all I am saying."

Take a look at the pages that have been scanned and consider buying the copy of HDVideoPro magazine - they are a great resource!

If you thought this was cool - you haven't seen anything yet. I have been in conversation with one of my "Avatar" sources and do I have news for you! There will be spoilers so consider yourself warned now. The information I have is so sensitive that I am allowing the source to review my post BEFORE it is published. Can't argue with that, working with Cameron would be a dream. Look for this post just as soon as I hear back from my source.

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