Friday, February 29, 2008

Time to Talk 3D Movie Rumors!

Well, there have been quite a few rumors and some have even been promoted to the official schedule, but as you can see on my Upcoming 3D Movie List - I include rumors as a category to make things interesting. Let's dive into these and see what bubbles to the surface shall we?

1. Transformers 2 (Paramount) (June 2009)
This could seriously happen. I have heard this a few times already and the thing still hasn't been written yet (although they have locked 3 writers in a room). Those effects would look AWESOME in 3D there is no doubt. Perhaps 3D is the only way to trump what has already been done regarding effects! Still a rumor though...

2. Baywatch 3D
I have it from an exceptionally strong source that I trust dearly that Steven Spielberg and Ivan (not Jason) Reitman paid 7 figures for the movie rights to the all time most popular TV show. Yes, interesting things could be done with 3D effects in this movie to be certain, but what about the artistic value? I ask you - what about the art? Haha. We all know this movie would make a bazillion dollars.

3. Godzilla 3D
Well this has been planned for some time now but financing has always been an issue. It certainly has an international following especially in one smaller Asian country that rhymes with Kapan. Was Cloverfield enough for everyone or shall we revisit this in 3D? Time will tell.

4. The Hobbit Part 1 (2010) (New Line) (Peter Jackson) CONFIRMED. Waiting for official statement that it is in 3D. Lawsuit pending.
5. The Hobbit Part 2 (2011) (New Line) (Peter Jackson)
CONFIRMED. Waiting for official statement that it is in 3D.
Lawsuit pending.
Numbers 4 and 5 above are much stronger rumors than most. My direct sources within Peter Jackson's WETA are the reason why they are here. We know for instance that Jackson's camp held a large internal meeting to discuss the merits of 3D specifically and how they would pull it off. There is immense pressure to kick the Tolkien franchise up a notch and 3D is it. Now that Time/Warner is driving the ship and PJ is in their back pocket,
look for the lawsuits to be settled and "The Hobbit" to take flight. We are still calling for Guillermo del Toro to direct the first movie and PJ to helm the second. Will let you know if the air changes via my sources.

6. LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring (2012) (Re-released in 3D) (New Line) (Peter Jackson) Waiting for official announcement.
7. LOTR: The Two Towers (2013) (Re-released in 3D) (New Line) (Peter Jackson) Waiting for official announcement.
8. LOTR: The Return of the King (2014) (Re-released in 3D) (New Line) (Peter Jackson)
Waiting for official announcement.
These are really no-brainers when "The Hobbit" proceeds in 3D. It breathes new life into the LOTRs and justifiably so - it's not just a "digitally remastered" re-release - 3D brings about an entirely new perspective into the characters and story. Can't wait for this! My bet is that the three LOTRs releases make more than the first three Star Wars re-releases in 3D. The PJ camp internal meeting also talked about the LOTR 3D conversions.

9. The Gate 3-D (Randall William Cook, Director) Rumored 3-D remake of the original 1980s flick about a gate to hell. (JoBlo)
A rumor from our friends over at - it has garnered some comments in my inbox about how exciting this would be as they remember the original years ago. Yeah - gate, hell, flames, 3D - could work!

10. King Kong (Peter Jackson) Often connected with a 3D re-release may come to fruition soon. Jackson was definitely seen shooting with 3D cameras during the production of King Kong.
Now this would be a great re-release. There are plenty of scenes that beg for 3D: Insect alley for one!

11. Piranha 3D (July 24, 2009) (Alexandre Aja) (Dimension Films) A
remake of Joe Dante's original, Arizona's Lake Havasu ruptures its floor after an earthquake releasing prehistoric piranhas.
There is nothing better in 3D for sheer spectacle than floating objects that come at you - yes, it is a gimmick and yes if done incorrectly is very cheesy - but I hold hope for this genre. Stereo Vision has another 3D Piranha movie in the works too (Aubrey Blaze Piranha 3D).

12. Stewardesses 3-D (Summer 2009) (Condon /Meyer - Remake) (Adirondack International Pictures)
The highest grossing 3D movie of all time (whoops, the second highest grossing 3D movie - hello Hannah Montana) is being lined up for a potential remake. I throw this into the Baywatch moneymaker category.

13. Tron 3D (Spring 2011) (Disney) AICN Rumor - although it sounds like someone just vomited a bunch of great Disney movie franchises and decided to put 2011 as a date. Still it is interesting. Of course a fan might have seen the old "Avatar" Na'vi concept art and thought that "Hey that looks like Tron - let's start a rumor about that".

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