Friday, February 22, 2008

Real D Brings "U2 3D" Home To Dublin

RealD announced yesterday that they had brought the 3D concert movie "U2 3D" home to Dublin; the band originated from that wonderful Irish city. The movie made its European premiere at Parnell Street's Cineworld on the 20th as part of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. Echoing the Sundance premiere, the band showed up in their RealD 3D glasses, customized this time though - as they were designed by Bono - and all the fans who attended also landed these! If there is anyone in the world who knows cool shades - its Bono.

With the Hannah Montana craze dying down now from a frenzy to mere chaos, "U2 3D" should be in wide release very shortly. Some Real D engagements have already started in North America after its January limited run. If you have not seen "U2 3D" yet, seriously consider it. You can check out more details about the movie as an event from my Facebook group: 3D Movies and Technology. Thanks Gina for bringing this to my attention!

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