Saturday, March 08, 2008

Advertising Focused Glass-less Display Ready For Launch: NEC 57" 3D LCD

NEC is teaming up with Magnetic Media Holdings and their Enabl3D technology to release a 57" LCD television capable of displaying 3D.

"Enabl3D allows 3D digital content to move more than a foot off the screen without the use of any special glasses - and plays 2D content with a minimal loss of resolution.

“This is an evolution,” said Magnetic CEO Tom Zerega. “The next big thing is 3D. The only thing that was holding back the adoption of 3D was the availability of content for that format. Magnetic’s solution solves that problem, enabling 2D content to also be displayed.”
You do NOT have to wear 3D glasses with this set up which is of course intriguing - however I would have to insist that I do not lose any resolution at all for my home entertainment viewing needs in 2D. I see why this is aimed at the advertising market. It would be cool to see some 3D advertising come out however.


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