Monday, March 17, 2008

Good News For "Battle Angel" Fans: Manga Preserved!

I have heard it from a couple of different commenter's as well as discussion boards that the action scene passed on to me by my "Source #3" does not hold water because of several things including the fact that cars and bullets are illegal in the original story. Well my friends it turns out that you are right. I have been on the horn with my sources for some time now and #3 just got back to me with the good word - here is his email:

"Cameron was rewriting someone else's draft for the studio -- but he wasn't happy with much of it. For what I know, Cameron had to rush to complete his makeover, and even when he did, he still had so much he wanted to change. Unfortunately because he had to rush off and begin everyday work on Avatar, he did the best he could.

From what I've been told now, Cameron has completely reworked the draft to match the manga. What existed before with the amazing, almost surreal action sequence is now gone, obliterated within development hell.

Cameron's still furiously typing away at Battle Angel while cutting Avatar and working on that respectively. The screenplay in its form is still damn action-packed and dramatic, as well as being well written. It still isn't where it should be, and Cameron's working away on making sure that (it will) hold up.

What he's worried about? Making sure his actress doesn't despise the new draft he's writing. After all, she too is a big fan of the manga, and was told from the start to read much of the script with the pretense that cities, characters, and events would most likely change."
So there you are. You were right and my source #3 has cleared the air - the battle scene that was mentioned has been canned in favor of the original intent of the manga. My other two sources are solid on their information however. I don't mind passing this info on to you as I report it when I get it and that action scene was definitely part of the script at one point - but obviously scripts evolve and with Cameron at the helm it has to be perfect. His creativeness is unparalleled and I can't begin to imagine where he will take us with Battle Angel - but I know I am damn excited by it.

Hmmm. His actress is a manga fan too. Who the heck is it?

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