Monday, March 17, 2008

Man am I CRANKED!! Crank 3D on its way!!!

/Film is reporting that Crank will have a 3D installment made and I am dying to hear more already. Yes, only the original stands today (that movie was simply awesome - first time I laughed out loud - in a theater - in years!) but Mark Neveldine has confirmed that they will begin shooting "Crank 2" at the end of April, this year and that "Crank 3" will be in 3D!

They do have a movie in between the two movies to shoot too ("Jonah Hex") but we could be looking at a 2011 release of Crank 3D.

I was so happy with the original Crank and I am a big fan of Jason Statham. It is just my kind of movie. I could take a few more of these NO PROBLEM. And in 3D? All the action sequences are gonna rock to be sure!

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