Thursday, March 06, 2008

Marvel's "Avengers" in 3D?

My good friend Alex Billington over at FirstShowing posted about the possibility of the future Marvel's "Avengers" movie being in 3D - or perhaps what animators call 3D sometimes, which is really 2D - I know, a bit confusing. In fact Alex's source, Zak Penn who may be tapped to write the movie, spoke about Avengers being perhaps like Beowulf - which of course set off the 3D speculation! Head over to First Showing for a more in depth report - he always has great Marvel reading.

Here is an excerpt from his post:

PENN: "Absolutely. It's not only something I've considered doing, but there's been the discussion about The Avengers doing some sort of next level… Whatever the next iteration of computer animation is after this, the next step after Beowulf, is something we would definitely conisder for that."

BILLINGTON: "From what it sounds like, Zak is implying that the Avengers movie could (key word) become something like an animated movie that is the next level beyond Beowulf, which was a 3D CGI movie. As far as I can imagine, we're talking about very photorealistic CGI and motion capture, maybe along the lines of what James Cameron is doing with Avatar. Which brings up the question of whether they're holding off on an Avengers movie because they want the individual franchises to develop and the technology to advance to a point even beyond Avatar where they can really go all out."
My opinion is that it would be awesome in 3D. After watching the 2D "Ironman" trailers, I am spellbound by just how good it looks - I can only imagine that in 3D - hence my exuberant opinion for "Avengers" in 3D. By the way if you don't already know, the Avengers are made up of a team of super-heroes some of whom are Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America. Go for it Marvel. You're the king of action heroes - join the 3D bandwagon! :-)

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