Friday, March 07, 2008

I Have Just Been Given Close Info About James Cameron's "Battle Angel" AND. IT. ROCKS! But I am GAGGED!

Man I wish I could share with you want I just was told. Seriously. You would be frothing at the mouth to see this movie right now - of course it is years from being shown, but WOW.

It is much further along than you would think.

I seriously had much more keyed out here but I just deleted it - I can't give even a small bit of this info out yet. Sorry! I know that's not very fair, but I wanted you guys to know that I am constantly working on these things. And the wait will be worth it, believe me.

Oh and STAY TUNED. In a few hours I will have an exclusive news that is VERY exciting for everyone - all I want to say right now is that it involves a lot more info on guys that slap each other. A LOT. :-) in 3D of course.

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