Monday, April 14, 2008

Disney's Jonah's Brothers To Create 3D Concert Movie

Disney is wringing every ounce of gold out of that Hannah Montana concert movie that did so well at the box office. As most 'tweens know she shared the stage with The Jonas Brothers and they held their own.

Well they are about to hold a whole lot more in the form of their own 3D concert movie. Disney Digital 3D will be shooting The Jonas Brothers' entire 38 city "Burning Up" North American tour (their 3rd CD). The tour starts July 4th and wraps up around Labor Day.

Disney is aiming for a January or early February 2009 release in 3D theaters. Well, I have news for Disney - those weeks are taken by "My Bloody Valentine" (January 23rd, 2009 release) and "Coraline" (February 6th, 2009). I certainly hope you are not pulling another "Its only playing for 2 weeks" ploy. Won't work this time around...

My source has said that Disney has acquired the domain name as well. I also found this blog that backs up what my source is saying.

I am sure all you parents are jumping for joy right now! WOOHOO!! :-)

Original Photo courtesy of The Jonas Brother's MySpace Page

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