Tuesday, April 15, 2008

James Cameron's "Avatar": Set Signs and Movie Poster Font


Now we are really getting somewhere!
My source has managed to get some pretty damn cool "Avatar" photos smuggled out of their motion capture studios. This post is relatively harmless but you do get a sense for what Avatar's movie font will be for the posters, which by the way will be in 3D too.

Just about everything that my source photographed (more to come - very interesting things btw!) was very much in the open and accessable.

So just how serious is James Cameron and the gang at keeping all of this stuff hush-hush and completely enshrouded in secrecy? Well... read the warning sign in the second photo! Oops... did we use a flash for that? Anyone see that? :-)

Click on the image in order to read the message from Jon Landau. It essentially says that we are doing something very special here and that there are rules that go along with that. No cameras for example. :-)

So are you psyched up enough for my next post brimming with photos??

Coming up next!!

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