Tuesday, April 15, 2008

James Cameron's "Avatar": Wardrobe And Motion Capture Suits - Captured In Photos !


First of all - a huge thank you to my source for the ongoing work that you are doing for MarketSaw and all my sources for that matter! You make this site all the more exciting to read and I appreciate all your efforts. All of you.

There are not too many spoilers so don't be too worried about losing something from the movie - although there are photos of wardrobe. Keep that in mind if you decide to read on! That's the beauty of motion capture - the characters can be wearing ANYTHING the director wants...

This first photo is of what seems to me to be a military uniform or similar. Click on the image to blow it up to a larger size. I actually stopped placing the super high res pics on here as they take awhile to load. Make note of the boots in the lower right corner - they actually glow in the dark by way of all those shiny spots. I can't make out what is in the plastic bag immediately over the boots. The suit itself reminds me of the slaughtering get ups used in Hostel 2. This could be a crude military outfit, but I am thinking it is more utilitarian - looks like keys hanging off of his belt. It certainly looks like a protective piece of clothing - I'm stopping short of saying it is armor vs. weapons; more like protection from acid or something. The other wardrobe pieces look like they are made of heavy cotton and the white tops look remarkably like what someone involved in martial arts would wear. Most of the wardrobe seems to be colored in earth tones - browns, greys, greens.

Check out the motion capture suits! For those just catching up to what Motion Capture is - it is simply a way for a director to 'capture' the movements (and performances as Cameron likes to say) of an actor by using tiny dots on apparel that actors wear - the computers track these dots as they actor moves. Here is a great video clip of how Zemeckis did this for the 3D movie "Beowulf" last fall. There are a ton of them and everyone of the cast gets one it seems! Looks like they are color coded too so the mocap system can keep track of who is who when the characters interact. You can clearly see tags for Peter, Laz, Wes, CCH, Brady, Cullen, Rueben, and Sigourney. Could someone please tell me who the heck Mark and Sara are? I have the other nametags figured out! Mark's is first in this shot and Sara's is down by Sigourney's.

If anyone would like the super high res images of these let me know and I will send them to you!

I am assuming that the actors wear the mo-cap suits most of the time, but also have the alternative wardrobe available for intimate scenes. And that footwear - what are those designed for?

As always, I will post more pics when I get them and believe me, my source is back at it again - can't wait to see what he can come up with next time!!

DISCUSSION: What do you make of these photos?! That uniform on the end looks quite sinister to me - what do you think the owner needs with that thing?

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