Thursday, April 10, 2008

James Cameron's "Avatar" Spy Shots: Strange Pandorian Plant Life !

EXCLUSIVE !! Warning: Spoilers...

I have got to say that this particular source is top caliber let me tell you - he just finds a way to get it done and he shares my same enthusiasm for all things "Avatar". You can check out ALL my Avatar coverage here.

Take a look at his awesome photos taken this week:

"...I saw some very interesting activity going on outside the AVATAR mo-cap set/production offices, including a huge ALIEN TREE. It was just sitting there in the open when I arrived (photo 1), but after 30 minutes it was all covered up (photo 2).

Here are some pics of the tree and surrounding area (including cast trailers, catering area, etc)." (I will post the surrounding area pics in the next post).

He also went on to say that he thinks he saw Laz Alonso walking around but he couldn't snag a pic.

A couple of the photos in the next post show where the crew eats and the stars' trailers are clearly in the open. Will try to get some cast shots too - perhaps while still in wardrobe? Lets hope! Stay tuned for the exterior set and cast trailer shots up next.

Click on the photos to blow them up because he snapped some nice high res shots - can't believe the luck of having that huge tree being left out in the open like that! What are these made out of? MDF? You can see that the top branches (?) are tied together and if released, they would probably expand somewhat. Also, you can make out the darker brown remnants of earlier branches hanging down too. What is that on the ground in front of them - they seem to have their own wheeled trolleys supporting them from below. Are they the root system that carries their communication between each other? How does intelligent plant life sit with you? It looks like the roots of the tree itself were hacked off - perhaps the set team attach further roots to the tree at those junctures - we believe they glow in the night! My God, I am getting totally enthralled in the development of this movie and since James Cameron didn't provide any photos yet, MarketSaw and my sources are delivering for you! Enjoy.

DISCUSSION: What do you make of that Pandorian plant life? Does it look sentient to you?

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