Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quick Post: Variety Has An Exceptional Interview With James Cameron On 3D...

**UPDATE April 11th - ...And ummm NO. I DON"T think Cameron is making a drama in between "Avatar" and "Battle Angel". He said in this interview that he will shoot a drama after "Avatar", NOT immediately after. I wouldn't read too much into that! I am curious what he has in mind though.

Just a quick post: Check out this interview with James Cameron on 3D and the shooting of "Avatar".

I love that he hints at "Avatar 2" ! :-)


"In the future world shown in "Avatar," all display devices, including handheld devices and even photos, are all in 3-D.

We evolved to see in 3-D for a reason. It made us better hunters, or allowed us to spot and avoid predators. Why wouldn't we want this Darwinian edge in our workplace, in our sports and entertainment, in all our peak visual experiences?"

Not too much more info on Avatar, but lots of the man's thinking about 3D! Its worth the read for sure.

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