Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quick Post: Display Week Goes 3D!

Check out this brand new 3D lineup for Display Week 2008, May 18-23, 2008, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. For those not attending the full Symposium, the session registration cost is $100.

Here is the agenda for 3D related sessions:

Session 1: Wednesday, May 21 / 2:15 pm - 3:35 pm / Petree Hall

2:15 pm Introductory Remarks

2:20 pm It's Not Real Life: Stereoscopic Content Creation, Phil McNally, Dreamworks Animation - 3D movie-making can be thought of as a 3D to 3D conversion process, as 'real life' space is different from the recreated space in a stereoscopic theater or monitor. Creative decisions are shaped by the potential of spatial storytelling pushing against the limitations of the technical processes, the audience's ability to view the content, and the social expectation of 'the movie experience', where the accepted monoscopic camera and editing styles may not be compatible with stereoscopic movie space. How much of this do we understand and how much more needs to be invented?

2:45 pm Adapting "3D" CG Films for "3D" Presentation: The Technique and Technology, Rob Engle, Sony Pictures Imageworks - Sony Pictures Imageworks has now produced four stereoscopic films which have been released in film and digital 3D venues. From "The Polar Express: An IMAX 3D Experience" to "Beowulf", this talk will review our past work with an emphasis on how the capabilities and limitations of technology influence the art.

3:10 pm Stereoscopic Live Action: Content Capture and Post Production, Steve Schklair, 3ality Digital Systems - When shooting live action with two camera heads, it is critical that the captured images be properly coordinated to a fine tolerance in order to ensure a high-quality image when presented on a stereoscopic display. This talk will discuss methods and tools to achieve such coordination throughout filming and post-production, using examples from the production of "U2 3D".

3:35 pm Break

Session 2: Wednesday, May 21 / 3:55 pm - 5:15 pm / Petree Hall

3:55 pm Introductory Remarks

4:00 pm Post Production for Stereoscopic Movies, Norman Rouse, Quantel - Post production of stereoscopic content usually takes place on non-stereoscopic systems working in conventional pipelines that have been adapted for a stereo project. Now, dedicated stereo post production products are coming onto the market for stereo films, broadcasting, special events, and other applications. This talk looks at the latest techniques of stereo post and invites debate on monitoring stereo projects in different environments with different delivery requirements.

4:25 pm Dolby 3D Digital Cinema, Jeff McNall, Dolby Laboratories - Dolby has introduced a revolutionary new technology that is now being used by movie theatres worldwide to present 3D stereoscopic features. It is a unique 3D cinema viewing experience based on color separation technology that doesn't require the use of active shutter glasses or the installation of a silver screen.

4:50 pm 3D Exhibition in the Digital Age: Bringing a New Dimension to Entertainment, Rod Archer, Real D - The digital cinema projector has proven to be the platform on which stereoscopic cinema presentation is at last possible. These projectors solve the first challenge of 3D cinema, presenting two movies at once: the left and right eye views. The final challenge in 3D exhibition is to enable the audience to see these two movies stereoscopically, separating the right and left images into the correct eyes of the audience. There are three fundamental ways to accomplish this separation; with time, color, and polarization. This talk will present practical ways to use each of these methods in public exhibition theaters and explain their benefits and detriments.

Shared Q&A Session: Wednesday, May 21 / 5:15 pm - 6:00 pm / Petree Hall

For more info on all the events check out Looks like an awesome lineup!

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