Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is Dolby Confirming My Scoop? Transformers 2 To Be 3D !!

**UPDATE (May 15): The 3D movie Horrorween is also mentioned in the Dolby flyer - don't forget to enter in MarketSaw's 3D contest for a shot at winning a speaking role in this movie!

Hello there Dolby.
Whats this about "Transformers 2" being made in 3D? We should know here at MarketSaw right readers? :-) I posted that "Transformers 2" was rumored to be made in 3D eons ago (and Michael Bay has since refused to answer my forum posts :-) and now comes a little tidbit from an organization that should know the truth - Dolby, one of the competing 3D theater formats in existence today (Real D and IMAX being the other leaders).

Sure there are competing films for the summer time slot as 3D theaters are being rolled out, but of course Transformers 2 will also be released in 2D in 2009 - so don't worry about not being able to see it opening night. Besides, the original Transformers made a gazillion dollars in box office - I think the others will gracefully bow out if going head to head with it ala "Avatar" vs. "Monster vs. Aliens".

I just think it is AWESOME that someone has finally come out with some more concrete evidence to back up MarketSaws rumor - and it is a very credible source of course! I had this listed as a rumor since the summer of 2007 (on my upcoming 3D movie list) after speaking to a source of mine. And in October of last year I heard it from one of my sources again as well as Mark Christiansen, EVP of Operations @ Paramount! I did a piece AGAIN on it in February - and even joked about it on April Fool's Day (don't click on the link inside that URL or prepare to be Rick Rolled again lol).

Keep relying on MarketSaw for your source of 3D related scoops and news!

TRANSFORMERS 2 in 3D?? Are you kidding me?? Thats gonna kick some serious butt. Period.

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