Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quick Post: Philips Unveils 3DTV Without Glasses

"Even before we get used to high-definition TV, researchers are planning to place "3D" TV in our homes — but without the funny glasses.

Philips Electronics NV gave a peek into its research pipeline Tuesday, demonstrating a prototype that was still fuzzy around the edges. Operating like a holographic greeting card, it combines slightly different angles of the same image to create video that appears to have different depths as your eyes scan it.

The result is uneven, at some moments blurry, and at others merely two dimensional. But sometimes the apparent depth or protrusion can be startling.

"We say the market progression is black and white, to color, to high definition, to 3D," said Bjorn Teuwsen, demonstrating the product. "We estimate in a few years these will be in homes."

Specialized models have been sold to corporations — mostly movie theaters and casinos — where they are usually used for advertising signs, since 2006. But Philips said the product is not yet ready for consumer rollout.

Samsung is demonstrating its own no-glasses 3D television concept model this week in Las Vegas."

Again, 3D seems to be firing on ALL cylinders as multiple media channels are converging to bring us the 3D immersion facter - and with a lot of innovation! Of course 3D TVs are available now for use with 3D glasses - the future holds the promise of glass-less 3D for the home and the theater.

Source: AP

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