Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ubisoft's "Avatar - The Game" Confirmed To Be 3D! AND "Avatar" The Movie Clocking In At 2.5 Hours!

James Cameron confirmed today while speaking at Microsoft in Redmond, WA that game designer Ubisoft already has a 3D version of the game up and running on a standard XBox 360 - complete with 3D glasses!

We knew about this rumor quite some time ago and now it has been confirmed by the big guy himself.

Not only that but another interesting morsel of information has been released for all you movie geeks out there (you know who you are) - again from JC himself:

"'Avatar' is the single most complex piece of filmmaking ever made," said Cameron. "We have 1,600 shots for a 2.5 hour movie. It's not with a single CGI character, like King Kong or Gollum. We have hundreds of photo-realistic CG characters. We were Microsoft's sandbox for filmmaking beyond the cutting edge."

Yes, you heard right - Microsoft is working with Cameron to deliver the goods in helping JC and Lightstorm Entertainment deliver what is the most anticipated movie since Titanic. Perhaps all time.

The heart of the film technology is a digital asset management system created by Microsoft, which was praised by Cameron and Landau for understanding the arts and filmmaking. The system can track every cloud and every blade of CGI grass in the film.

Cameron noted that Titanic was about how technology let us down. He has always tried to be on cutting edge of what's going on. The Abyss featured the first photo-realistic CG character. Then "The Terminator" combined CG and human actors. "True Lies" pushed the bar even higher with composite technology.

"'Avatar' will make people truly experience something," said Cameron."One more layer of the suspension of disbelief will be removed. All the syn-thespians are photo-realistic. Now that we've achieved it, we discovered CG characters in 3D look more real than in 2D. Your brain is cued it's a real thing not a picture and discounting part of image that makes it look fake."

In "Titanic" as a filmmaker, I struck the perfect balance of technology and the human heart," said Cameron. "I haven't forgotten that lesson with Avatar. It's the best lesson for any filmmaker."

So you can expect the best from Cameron and his team! Not that we expected less, but to hear that the movie is two and a half hours long and the most complex movie ever made speaks volumes. Yeah, and the movie is in 3D too - that's the pinnacle for me. True validation on its way in December 2009.

Cameron also spoke about the future of gaming, computer operating systems, handheld devices, etc and not surprisingly they all point to 3D technologies. To read more about these exciting developments check out my sources below.

Sources: c|net and searchenginewatch

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