Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ubisoft Confirms "Avatar" The Game Is 3D

Yves Guillemot the CEO of Montreal based Ubisoft has today confirmed at the Ubidays 2008 conference in Paris what was rumored to be true and followed up by James Cameron last Tuesday: Avatar the game will indeed be playable in 3D! Also the release date is pegged for the summer of 2009 - BEFORE the release of Cameron's 3D epic movie "Avatar".

"Technology continues to evolve and we have now new 3D TVs that are coming in homes and we will have also movies in 3D," said Guillemot, speaking at Ubidays in Paris.

"Because we will have movies and TVs, we are actually working on games in 3D."

He added: "James Cameron has said he is working with us on Avatar in 3D, I am proud to tell you today we have seen it and it is wonderful. I am sure you will love this new experience because this new technology is just wonderful. You will see that, I think, in the middle of next year."

Note that he said games PLURAL. 3D has arrived my friends!

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