Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Dead Still": Thriller Being Read By Raimi's Ghost House Productions For 3D

Jim here. Peter Skagen is a Canadian actor (Lonesome Dove) but also a script writer it seems. His recently penned "Dead Still" (took him only 2 weeks to write it) has been garnering plenty of attention lately and in particular from Sam Raimi's Ghost House Productions. They are currently considering ramping up the script into a $25 million stereoscopic 3D thriller.

The movie is set in the jungles of the Asia and is said to be an eco-thriller and a throwback to the action movies of the 80's. Less blood and gore, but more suspense.

"Our picture takes place 95 per cent in the jungle, and in an old, abandoned sort of native longhouse -- a perfect enclosed, musty space -- and the action -- logs crashing through doors, giant snakes and lots of falling water -- turns out to be perfect for 3-D," says Skagen.

It is not only Sam Raimi who is on his side. Charlotte Clay Huggins was the first to option it - she is one of the producers of "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" and "Fly Me to the Moon" - both hot 3D commodities right now.

All the power to him! Hmmm... I have a few ideas for a 3D movie - time to spend a couple of weeks and put it together :-)

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