Thursday, July 17, 2008

Help Me Out: What Company Is Filming These Concerts in 3D??

**UPDATE July 18th: Got word from a couple of sources both confirming that: The Bill White 3D Camera Company in Toronto shot the concert, and that Paul Taylor shot it as DP / Cinematography. Thanks for the input Nick Constable and James Stewart!

Jim here. Have a question for readers from the 3D industry - take a look at these pictures from a recent Rush concert in Toronto. What company is this - actively shooting concerts in 3D?

I could be mistaken but the cameras look to be RED ONEs in 3D configuration - that could help narrow down the organization.

Would LOVE to see a Rush 3D concert just as much as enjoyed U23D! Let me know through the 'Contact Me' forms below if you can help out tracking them down...

Images Courtesy of Christopher Schneberger

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