Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Journey To The Center Of The Earth" Has Got Staying Power

As most of us expected, JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH has got some teeth. In fact JOURNEY beat out HELLBOY 2 on Friday! HB2 made only $3.16 million and a 38% increase over it's Thursday take on Friday - while JOURNEY made $3.59 million and a 56% jump from Thursday.

All this was done on ~400 fewer theaters! Journey was in only 2,830 theaters while HB2 enjoyed 3,212! What does this tell you?

It means that the 3D screens are performing and performing big time. Imagine the take for THE DARK KNIGHT had it had a 3D version? Staggering!! Sure they have the IMAX additional revenue when they set that record of $66 million, but it could have been all the more with another ~1400 3D screens!

Guillermo and Peter take note. The Hobbit(s) will be much better served in 3D not only because of the beauty and creativeness it brings you in storytelling, but also the bottom line. JOURNEY just beat out HB2 (both were released July 11th)! It must bother you a bit to see a pragmatic advantage given to a movie that you could have enjoyed too. Give The Hobbit(s) what they need: Stereoscopic rewards for the audience AND the studio.

The studio profits will be staggering for a wide release in 3D when the screen numbers get up there - there are only ~1400 3D screens right now, but as you have read on MarketSaw - those numbers have commitments in place from the major theater chains to double and triple. Bring it on!

Data Source: Box Office Mojo

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