Thursday, August 14, 2008

Horrorween Set Visit!!!

Hey folks, Michael here. Yesterday I, along with MarketSaw contest winner Jacob Roland, had the amazing opportunity to have small parts in the upcoming 3-D horror/comedy Horrorween!

Jacob and I played agents investigating a strange house where something spooky may--or may not--have happened. The scenes we shot will be converted to 3-D in post.

Picture 1 (right to left): Director Joe Estevez, Jacob Roland, & Michael Stat discuss a scene.

Producer Ed Meyer (Adirondak International Pictures) explained a bit about his and director Joe Estevez' approach to the movie: First, they want to keep audiences on their toes--the film will be an hilarious comedy at one moment, then a frightening horror the next. Second, the film will be family friendly. Third, there is a lot of improvisation, adding much creative freedom to the project.

Along with Dead Body Guy Chuck Lamb in the lead role, Horrorween has a ton of awesome cameos including William Shatner, Jenna Jameson, George Clinton, Alice Cooper, Donald Trump, Dom DeLuise, Cindy Morgan and, as MarketSaw recently revealed, Nancy Spielberg as the wife of the lead.

Picture 2 (right to left): Director Joe Estevez, writer/assistant producer Jason Sanchez, Jacob Roland, & Michael Stat prepare for a take

From what I saw of our scene and heard from Meyer and Estevez, I cannot wait to see more from Horrorween. It's a really revolutionary project in regards to the unique production process, 3-D technology, as well as the viral way in which it is being marketed. The excitement surrounding this film is actually very organic in nature--movie buffs are already building an amazing buzz around this project based on what they have seen and heard, even though it is more than a year from release. I know I can't wait!

Picture 3: Jacob Roland (right) and me (left) on the set of Horrorween!

Heaps and heaps of Thanks to Ed Meyer, Joe Estevez, and the rest of the cast and crew for such a great shoot, and keep your eyes set to MarketSaw for interviews with the filmmakers and perhaps even some of the cast from Horrorween in the next few weeks!

Read more about the film at

Set photos by Hans Nilsson

Horrorween is scheduled for release in 3-D on October 30, 2009.

**Editor's note: Yes, I was going to be in the movie as well but I had personal issues come up at the last minute and had to cancel. Looks like Michael and Jacob stole the scenes anyway! - Jim

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