Monday, September 22, 2008

Disney's 3D Animation "Bolt": New Extended Trailer

Jim here. Here is the new extended trailer for Disney's BOLT, a 3D animation coming our way on November 21st. I've got to say - it looks pretty darn funny.

There are a couple of spots where they may have injected objects coming at you - but no more than any other comedy animation in my estimation. As the hamster is flying at the audience you get a sense that in 3D, it may be head ducking time - but I did NOT notice this during the first viewing of the 2D trailer - so it is subtle. You can watch this is 2D and it would seem like a normal movie. The scene where the gas canister launches itself out the door is much more off to the side than straight at the viewer however - there should not be a "ducking effect" associated with it while viewing in 3D.

I think the studios have gotten smart about 3D "duck" trickery and will use it sparingly even in animations and horror which begs to use it. But we shall see who has learned what soon won't we?

Aside from that comment, I see a well made Disney movie. Travolta's voice seems right at home and the animation quality is there. I like how it is shaping up!

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