Thursday, September 11, 2008

Insider: "Piranha 3-D" Production Start Delayed Until March/April 2009

STYD has an inside source that claims that Alexandre Aja's "Piranha 3-D" will be pushed back from this fall to next spring (March/April).
"There just wasn't enough time for pre-production to get it done in time," says one insider. "It's all about pre-production and trying to make it the best it can be."

So will Aja be able to make his July summer release? Doubtful. Another potential reason for the delay is the sheer number of 3D movies coming out next summer and the less than optimal number of 3D screens available to watch them on. Don't forget that the Fox tentpole Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs" opens July 1st and Disney's "G-Force" opens July 24th! It will be hard to wrestle those screens away from those guys believe me.

I wouldn't be surprised if "Piranha 3-D" is pushed to September where there is less 3D action taking place. If it doesn't make September of November, you won't see it until late spring or summer 2010 because of a little nugget coming out called AVATAR.

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