Monday, September 08, 2008

Sam Raimi Scares Up Evil Dead: The Musicial - YES, In 3D!

Of course! Makes sense right? Especially if the concept is already proven on stage as it has been in Toronto for the past 4 years.

Why 3D? Well other than it being a kick ass way of conveying what directors want you to see, there is also a "splatter zone" for the live musical that involves the first three rows getting blasted with blood. Could it be that a gimmicky musical might use 3D to elicit some laughs? Me thinks so.

Looks like they would start shooting in the spring of 2009 if they can line up some of the original cast (errr... Bruce Campbell) and get through the licensing red tape. Might be interesting!

Personally after seeing "Sweeney Todd" and "Mamma Mia" (yeah - I like ABBA - so what?) I am all for 3D being used for this genre. Both of those movies would have been served well with a stereoscopic presentation - a little pot pie and take a chance on me and BINGO.

Does Bruce Campbell have the singing chops to pull this off? Or will he massacre it? Time will tell! :-)

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