Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Scar 3D Poster From The UK!

I hadn't heard anything recently from my friends of the SCAR 3D movie and now I get a great update from ShockTilYouDrop - The movie will be previewing on Halloween night and going wide in the UK on November 7th.

If you want to read more on SCAR 3D, check out much more of our in depth coverage of this movie here, here and here. And don't miss my exclusive interview with Norman Twain the Producer!

Let me tell you something - this movie is GRAPHIC. One of those links above takes you to a age verification process to view it and it is nasty. The clip is in anaglyph format (so wear those cardboard glasses if you got 'em), but the movie will be polarized in the modern style.

Fair warning though on that clip.

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