Monday, November 17, 2008

PHOTO: Johnny Depp As The Mad Hatter -- Is This Real?

Guys - Jim here. I have to say this looks fake to me. Sorry - but from what I have heard, Depp's character is CGI all the way. If that wasn't the case, I might be buying this look.

Besides, even if it was still CGI and he was merely in character for the shooting, he would be rigged up with performance capture "dots" (reflective points of reference for capturing his movements and expressions). So I say don't drink this potion this time around.

But hey, what if it is authentic? Looks sufficiently weird enough right? This COULD be from the desk of someone working with the raw perfcap data and creating the final work... Hmmm... Given enough time I could convince myself it is real... :-)

What do you guys think? Tomfoolery or authentic?

Source: Fangirl

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