Thursday, November 13, 2008

RED Digital Cameras Officially Enter The 3D Industry - And Announce a 28K Digital Camera. Yes 28K!

Jim here. I have been following the RED digital cameras and their outrageous development path VERY closely since I started MarketSaw. Not only are they delivering the goods, but they are keeping those prices crazy low. They have no business charging so little for their obviously superior R&D efforts - but they are. Hats off to them.

NOW THEY ARE GOING 3D. Yep. Now, I am not totally surprised by this move as I know there have been 3D projects already shot with the RED-ONE's (Thomas Jane's THE DARK COUNTRY for one), but to see plans for dedicated 3D setups this early is amazing!

I want you to drop whatever it is you are doing and go check out these cameras. Not only are they now going after markets from Digital 3K @ 120 frames per second (Scarlet) to the 4K RED-ONE (30 fps - available now) all the way to *GULP* the Epic Monstro 28K (261 megapixels) @ 25 fps. YES, I SAID 28K. Can you believe that?

If you are a film maker - heck even a family video aficionado, then look no farther than RED. I am totally on board with this innovative company and the rapid changes they are bringing about in the industry!

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