Friday, November 14, 2008

Disney To Launch 3D Movies On Cruise Ships!

Jim here. Now this is a great idea, 3D on ships - and not only 3D but Disney is kicking it up a notch... Sure, they will have 3D movies screening on board, but they are adding a bit of magic kingdom - in theater effects like lasers, fog, streamers and lighting effects! Many people refer to this type of theater as 4D - Disney plans on showing 4D on only one day of any particular cruise, but regular 3D on remaining days.

But will the idea float? Will it hold water? Of course! Think Disney doesn't know it's stuff? :-)

Disney will launch the 3D theaters on November 21st (Ummm... BOLT anyone?) for the Disney Wonder and December 6th for the Disney Magic.

Source: USA Today

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