Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yet Another MarketSaw Exclusive Proven Correct! Farrelly Brothers And The Three Stooges

Well I told ya so! I love it when my sources come out smelling like roses and this one is awesome. MGM has an agreement in place with the Farrelly brothers to direct a modern Three Stooges. There was nothing in the announcement about the movie being in stereoscopic 3D however, which is strange to me because my source was adamant about it. So we shall see!

You want to know more about this exclusive info we received? Then what are you waiting for - check this post out and don't forget to highlight the white background within the post so you can see the spoilers. And there are definitely spoilers. Keep in mind that scripts can change, but the same writers are involved here (Farrellys and Michael Cerrone) so much of it would remain in my mind!

This is sweet. Knowing what they have planned and what folks are capable of with today's 3D technology - look out! And they have set a date - November 20th, 2009. Don't let us down Farrelly's! 3D all the way!

I will try to get back in touch with this particular source to verify the 3D aspect... stay tuned!

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