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"The Three Stooges" 3D: Farrelly Brother's Casting Surprise & Spoiler Alert !

Again, exclusive to MarketSaw! Well hello. Gotta love "Christmas Caroler" to bits - he is on a tear and I love his spy info. He is buried deep in the trenches and so far his stuff has been gold. So, yes this is unofficial - but it is also officially AWESOME. This guy is in a position to know this stuff - that's all I can say.

We all love The Three Stooges. They were hilarious and helped us forget troubled times in the past - well as previously posted, they are coming back in 3D no less. The film is to be shot in Rhode Island and no dates have been set yet.

Peter and Bobby Farrelly are responsible for this deliverance along with Michael Cerrone who co-wrote. Well enough of the small talk - time to line up some fun:

**SPOILERS BELOW** Highlight the white text below to read the contents:

Wow - busy week. Here's the scoop!

- The movie is written like a TV show with ACT 1, ACT 2 and ACT 3.
- It is set back in time to follow the Stooges along their lives from children to their twenties.
- The Stooges are always slapping each other (kind of a no-brainer there).

- The pic starts off with the Stooges in an orphanage and tells how they got there and what pranks they play while there.
Right about now you should be thinking - well, how the heck does that work? Is it a story about them being kids? More on that soon!
- The story then follows them as they try to get on a film set!
- Ultimately they want to break in Hollywood for careers in the movies.

- We don't know who are cast as the Stooges yet.
- Elizabeth Taylor IS IN THE MOVIE.
- Many directors from that era make cameos in picture.

SPECIAL EFFECTS (And I don't mean 3D either!)
- The Three Stooges ALSO PLAY THEIR YOUNGER COUNTERPARTS! Through special effects, their bodies will be shrunk and faces made youthful to the ages of 7, 8 and 9 - the same actors that play the older Stooges who try to get on the film set are also the same actors who play the kids in the orphanage!!

- The Three Stooges meet Elizabeth Taylor who is all very "Spiritual" and extremely hilarious! Should be good for a few laughs! This is where the film comes into it's own - great character development!!
- Moe actually "operates" on a nun named Sister Bernice who is naturally unconscious but the kicker is Moe does this montage sequence when he was about nine years old! I didn't get the specifics of it but I do have a few ideas below...

- From the information that was given to me it seems as though this movie is very ambitious from a comedic standpoint. I love how it seems that these three guys will be quite character driven because of all the history given by them in the orphanage.
- Imagine the hilarity the will ensue from this trio hooking up with Elizabeth Taylor (most likely a spiritual, religious figure in a Catholic church - perhaps a Mother Superior?) and exactly what would led up to Moe having to operate on a nun when he was so young? Obviously the orphanage was run by nuns? Perhaps he saved her life and thus started a storyline from that?
- There is much room for sequels as these guys are only in their twenties apparently! Plenty of room for more laughs.
- Can't wait for the special effects - Should be hilarious to see them as younger images of themselves - imagine all of their pranks and laughs done in 3D!

"Christmas Caroler" promises me he will try to get more info on this for us. There is talk from the Boston Globe that Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat) is being eyed along with Ricky Gervais for lead roles. My interest is now definitely through the roof on this one now. How about you?

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