Friday, December 12, 2008

All About Temptation: Shooting The Garden Of Eden In 3D ("Paradise Lost")

Jim here. Should Scott Derrickson shoot his upcoming epic PARADISE LOST in stereoscopic 3D? OF COURSE. Rotten Tomatoes has obtained a great interview with Derrickson in which he discloses his passion for 3D.

Derrickson said: "I'm already a believer in the 3D technology after seeing U2-3D; I was blown away by it," Derrickson told us. "I was really struck by the cinematic possibilities of it for storytelling. It's a change of the basic nature of the experience of cinema because the best way to see it is to view it large screen, IMAX, where there is no frame. It's not something you watch, it's something you're in, and that fundamental difference, and the impact it can have on storytelling, it's unfathomable. The story of Paradise Lost really lends itself to that experience."

As you may know, Milton's PARADISE LOST (1667) is the poem of the temptation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden by Lucifer and their eventual exile from Paradise. You can imagine how grand a scale this movie event could be, especially since Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures are also involved.

Not only has Derrickson expressed interest in 3D after seeing U2 3D, he has gone straight to the top of the modern 3D industry by conversing with the best: James Cameron...

"I went to the set and visited Cameron there and he was really generous with his time with me. It's James Cameron and he's making Avatar, I was just privileged to walk through the door, but he really took time to talk to me about "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and took time to walk me through the technology and I really saw how it works in production.

"Now that I'm doing "Paradise Lost" I emailed his producer, Jon Landau, and asked if I could see a few minutes, so I'm going to see a few minutes of finished film. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out."

Now Scott, you might have to sign a little piece of paper before seeing those few AVATAR minutes, but don't bother reading it as you probably want to get right into that screening room and slap on those glasses... would you mind giving me a call right after? I am gonna have a FEW questions for you... :-)

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