Friday, December 12, 2008

New Set Report From Joe Dante's "The Hole"

Hey guys - Jim here. Fangoria just recently visiting the set of Joe Dante's THE HOLE which is being shot in stereoscopic 3D in Vancouver. We have been covering this story since it was first announced that the veteran horror director would be tackling this 3D project and it certainly seems to be building a lot of momentum in production.

I can't wait to see this movie - Dante is the guy that brought us GREMLINS and the writer of THE HOLE also wrote VACANCY (Mark L. Smith) which I thought was a nicely laid out script - and hey, yes there is a hole in that one too! :-)

From Fangoria: "Lancaster, of Bold Films, says Dante’s reaction to the script by Mark L. (VACANCY) Smith was extremely positive from the beginning. And of course, the reason the producers tapped the GREMLINS director to helm THE HOLE are obvious. “Joe has been a filmmaker through many decades in Hollywood,” Lancaster explains. “He was around during that previous iteration of 3-D, back in the ’80s, when it didn’t quite make it. But now, of course, with the advent of digital photography, the process has become much less cumbersome.

“What Joe [brings] to it is a depth and wealth of experience,” Lancaster continues. “Of having gone through that, having made the kinds of movies he’s made. This film is very much what Joe is great at. It’s Joe Dante back doing what he does best: scaring kids—but this time in 3-D.”

For more on THE HOLE, click here and here. This one looks like it has the goods - still scheduled for release in 2010.

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