Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And Now 3D On Your iPhone and MacBook Air With NO GLASSES!

Guys - Jim here. Remember that awesome series of 3D applications I said was now available on the iPhone through Apple's App Store? You know, a 3D Camera App, 3D Viewer and a 3D image loader for Flickr? Well now these guys have gone the extra mile and added something many of you were asking about: How can I see these images without the glasses - where can I get the glasses?

You don't need the glasses anymore with this new add-on! Check this out - not only does this add-on function as a protective skin, but it adds 3D capability to images, video and games with NO GLASSES. Yes, you read that correctly. Click the image to zoom...

The protective sleeve doubles as a frame for the detachable sliding lens to position over the viewing area of your iPhone (and also you can use the 3D Viewer with the iPod Touch as well - without the camera of course). So you can switch from 2D to 3D viewing very easily. I am hoping there is a sleeve for the lens on the back of the frame so that you can store it when in 2D mode.

When used in cooperation with the combination of other 3D products they have, this adds up to a world leading, easy to use, portable suite of 3D applications for everyone to enjoy!

Some bonus info - with their 3Dee!oadr application, users will have access to over 500,000 3D images as they are working closely with Flickr's image services. You can also add your own 3D images to share with your friends too.

And the 3D images that you take with the native iPhone camera and 3D application will allow you to view them with or without 3D glasses (with the new lens system).

Further, you don't have to stop with your iPhone... Spatial View has announced at MacWorld that their 3DeeFlector product will do the same for the MacBook Air and other 13.3" notebooks! They also have a 19" gaming display in use at the show.

I have got to tell you, these products sound amazing. I have yet to see them in action but if they hold true to their premise, wow. Easy and Portable 3D photo suite of applications. Looks like a winner to me. What do you guys think? Kinda makes a heckuva lot of sense if you are a 3D fan and have an iPhone doesn't it?

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