Friday, February 13, 2009

3D Shorts: Quick Updates - NBA Goes For The 3, "Oceans 3D", "Under The Sea 3D"

Jim here. Here are some quick updates for what is happening in the world of 3D:

- Get ready for NBA All-Star Saturday Night: With PACE providing the 3D technology and services, look for tomorrow night's NBA specialty events to have another thrilling participant - YOU. There will be five 3D cameras with two directors working as a team - one directing the best shots and the other concerned about 3D. Look for the events (including the slam dunk contest and 3 point shooting) on TNT and in 3D theaters near you. Will have an update for you this weekend!

- OCEANS 3D: INTO THE DEEP: the first feature-length docu-fiction film shot entirely in Digital 3D, is a tribute to the ocean. This movie is presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau (Yes - Jacques' son, but has earned fame in his own right), so expect the best content you can imagine. The film will leave audiences in awe of the beauty and diversity of the oceans - the source of all life on our planet - and inspire an even stronger desire to protect what they have either seen for the first time or re-discovered. OCEANS 3D remains slated for release in 2009. The official launch date is still to be determined. Wild Bunch has acquired the film rights for all territories excluding Canada and USA.

- UNDER THE SEA 3D Opens Tonight: Not feature length and only 40 minutes (and that is why it is not listed on my List Of Upcoming 3D Movies) but still very entertaining. This IMAX documentary's journey starts at the Coral Triangle in Papua New Guinea, then Cape Catastrophe in South Australia and finally, where else but the Great Barrier Reef! I will be checking this out.

I have said this before: Stereoscopic 3D works WONDERFULLY WELL underwater. It is because there are things you expect to be floating in front of you and 3D captures that very well. It will seem like you are really there, underwater with those divers.Enjoy!

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