Sunday, February 15, 2009

Amazing "Coraline" Expands Business Sunday

**Update: Feb 16 - Make that estimate $19,109,000! Wow - audiences are really loving CORALINE and the theater averages are excellent!

Jim here. According to Box Office Mojo, CORALINE is proving to have some legs.

Estimates for today actually have the movie increasing it's take ($5,600,000) compared to the first week's Sunday business ($5,216,545) last week. That's pretty rare and underscores a couple of things: First, word-of-mouth is awesome for CORALINE. Secondly, well made 3D movies have a longer shelf life than standard 2D as there are fewer 3D screens and if demand is high, the interest remains for audiences.

Opening weekend for CORALINE had her making $16,849,640 while this weekend has her on pace for a $15,323,000 haul. That is only a drop of 9.1% week over week!

If you haven't seen the movie yet- - do yourself a favor and see it because you will not be able to enjoy it at home in modern 3D for quite some time. Even when you do, the bigger the screen the better. CORALINE is an experience you need to immerse yourself into! 3D is really the only way to see this one.

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