Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Michelle Rodriguez On James Cameron

SAME DAY UPDATE: Actually, has the original interview - check that out too! Thanks Matt!

Jim here. You have to love how frank Michelle Rodriguez can be sometimes. Well, all the time. So it was with little surprise that I read an interview with her over on SciFiCool where she really gushes over working with James Cameron. Can't say I blame her, but she certainly does so with her own particular idiom.

Says Michelle: "So, you’re working with a golf ball or you’re working with an “X” on a green wall and you’re just hoping that you’ve really hit your mark interacting with this. You’re just kind of trying to remember as much of your make-believe time at the age of 5 as you possibly could to get you through it. But, with this technology that he’s got, you just go there and you see what you’re interacting with right there because it’s a mixture of live 3D footage, the props on the set, and the virtual world that he spent God knows how long creating. It’s f**king amazing. It’s hardcore. I can’t even imagine anything bigger."

Oh yeah, she also says: "You know, I used to poop in my pants too, and I learned how to use the bathroom eventually." see the context of THAT statement, be sure to read the whole thing.

According to SFC, Michelle is playing a pilot in AVATAR. Looks like Michelle's ship has got three green to land future mega roles after landing ANY part in this movie. Same goes for all the actors. Looking forward to hearing from them during their promo reels.

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