Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The 3D Technology Behind "Tron2", "Step Up 3-D", "Final Destination 4" and "Avatar"

Jim here. There has been some recent media attention placed on the technology being used for TRON 2 and I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed as to what is fully being used for the stereoscopic 3D.

Peter at Slashfilm is quite correct in stating that they are using Sony Digital F-35 HD cameras. But here is some more detail on TRON2's 3D tech:

1. The F-35s are being also being used with Arri Master Primes. These lenses are SPECTACULAR for creative capture.
2. Principal photography on TRON2 is being done using the Pace FUSION 3D System.
3. I should have some exclusive shots of the 3D equipment shortly. STAY TUNED.

By the way, STEP UP 3-D is also using the Pace Fusion 3D camera system as is FINAL DESTINATION 4 and a little project called AVATAR.

For those new to MarketSaw, the Pace Fusion system was co-invented by Vince Pace and director James Cameron.

Clearly Pace is one of the leaders along with 3ality. Great to see quality equipment and services being used for these productions - it really gives me a good feeling when looking forward to the best 3D experience possible.

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