Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Horrorween" 3D Webisodes to Debut September 1!

Hi everyone, Michael here. I'm very excited to announce that starting September 1, you can catch your first glimpse of Horrorween at with the arrival of weekly Webisodes in Anaglyphic 3D!

The 3D Webisodes will introduce the community of Horrorween fans to the characters and the storyline before the movie releases.

This announcement is especially significant in that the Horrorween Webisodes will be the first 3D Webisode series ever. Internet series are a rapidly growing format, and now Horrorween will bring Webisodes to the next level...3D. I would expect this to be the beginning of a new trend in 3D internet series. Horrorween has been a trailblazing project from the very start due to its unique production process, 3D technology, and organically viral marketing originating almost solely through the enthusiasm of horror and 3D movie fans. The first-of-its kind 3D web series will be another feather in its hat.

The full celebrity cast for the Webisode series will be announced in June. However, Nancy Spielberg, Chuck "Dead Body Guy" Lamb, Joe "Sheen" Estevez, Ed Meyer, Raquel Brussolo, and Michael Lohan (Lindsay Lohan's Dad) are starring in the full Horrorween film.

Also worth noting is that there will be no advertisements to sit through when watching the Webisodes!

Horrorween is directed by Joe Estevez and produced by Ed Meyer.  The film has almost finished with principal photography, and post production has begun.

Read more about Horrorween at

Editor's note: Yes, that is our own Michael Stat in the movie... :-)

Photo: Michael Stat (left) and Jacob Roland (right) on the Horrorween set. (credit Hans Nilsson)

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