Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Live In The UK? Free "Coraline" 3D Tickets!

Jim here. Get your free CORALINE tickets in the UK courtesy of The Times!

Check out this link to fill out a form for your tickets. If you don't use them, make sure you cancel them so that others can use them instead.

It seems you need a section of their newspaper as well: "And please remember you will now need to bring the relevant page from the newspaper with you on the day or the screening along with your online reservation confirmation."

From the website:
To claim your 4 tickets, enter your registered email address or if you are not yet registered for the screening programme click the register link.

Movie Passeword: 8544

Certificate: PG
Screening Date: Sunday April 26
Screening Time: 10:00am for 10:30am start
Locations: Basingstoke Festival Place, Bolton, Bristol Cribbs, Camberley, Cambridge, Cheshire Oaks, Croydon Grants, Cwmbran, Eastleigh, Edinburgh Omni, Greenwich O2, Hull, Leeds Kirkstall, Leicester, London West End, Northampton, Norwich, Oxford, Reading, Sheffield, Swansea, York

Still it is a free movie - so have at it!

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