Monday, April 20, 2009

More 3D Camera Rigs Coming To Market PLUS 3D Training And Certification!!

Jim here. Well this is very refreshing indeed! Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ality Digital Systems has informed THR that they will be offering their 3flex Camera Rigs for sale: "If this is truly an industry that justifies installing more screens, it has to be much more ubiquitous than three or four production companies."

By offering proven 3D equipment on the market, 3ality Digital is espousing everything that MarketSaw stands for as well - 3D everywhere. In the world I want, 3D will be available to budding filmmakers straight through to the top studio directors - from affordable, yet effective to astounding cutting edge performance capture.

Panasonic has just confirmed that they are also developing 3D production equipment to go along with their stunning visual displays (used by James Cameron).

Pace has built on their acquired 3D expertise with their Fusion 3D System. Silicon Imaging has released an integrated stereo pair of cameras. The RED Ones work wonderfully in 3D configuration and certainly are very affordable for many. Various rigs are being built to house stereo cameras - some very affordable.

And filmmakers are engaging! From small independents to well, some of the best that ever was. All future CG animations from Pixar, Dreamworks Animation and Disney Animation will be in 3D.

Indeed 3D is injecting long lost passion for movie making! Ridley Scott is coming back to do FOREVER WAR after saying that he would never do another SciFi movie as it has all been done before. What changed his mind? He saw Cameron making AVATAR. That's the power of 3D and creative genius - and it is thrilling to see the new life 3D is instilling in the masters.

Moreover, I have been waiting for quite some time for some sort of action to take place in 3D education. Again, 3ality Digital is stepping up to the plate and will offer 3D Production Training and Certification Programs. More details on this when I get it!

I don't know about you, but I see all the pieces coming together! I can't begin to tell you how enthralled I am at how the industry is shaping up. Further, the recent thoughts that the credit market will open up very shortly for expanding the digital/3D screen deployment - aimed for the release of AVATAR is just what the doctor ordered. Lets get it done!

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