Sunday, April 05, 2009

Michelle Rodriguez Spoils Part Of "Avatar"

Jim here. Recently Latina (via /Film) had an chance to catch Michelle Rodriguez at the FAST AND THE FURIOUS 4 photo call in France and of course she failed to rein in her enthusiasm for her roles this year - including AVATAR. That's why we would jump at the chance for an interview with her.

Here is what she had to say about her fighter pilot character on AVATAR: (highlight the text below to read the contents)
“Anytime you’ve got a wild, independent, free-spirited woman, she has to die at the end of the movie, unless it’s a movie that’s so sci-fi that it can’t be real, like TOMB RAIDER. Me? I die in every film that I’m in this year. They’re just gonna have to keep on killing me; I’ll keep coming back, until they realize what’s hot and make flicks for bitches like me.”

She was deadpan when she was saying this!

Not that I am overly surprised by her demise in AVATAR - it's just that no one dares speak of their AVATAR role with that degree on candidacy ever before. So how does she bite it? Hmmm - thoughts? I say she perishes in a ball of fire.
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