Friday, April 17, 2009

New "Tintin" Set Photo: Facial Performance Capture Camera Revealed

Jim here. Looks like Empire has got the goods on TINTIN as they release their Steven Spielberg guest edited edition this weekend. Looks like there could be some very nice shots coming our way from this edition. What do you pay a top 5 director to edit your stuff? Hmmm...

In this photo, Tintin (Jamie Bell) and Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) are reviewing a scene with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. I refuse to post *any photo* with ridiculous sized watermarks on it. Sorry. However I have managed some nice images cropped around it posted here. Or you can click that link.

Check out all the tiny white dots on their faces for the performance capture requirements. Those dots will catch every tiny facial motion they make as they act out their scenes. See the tiny camera being held in place in front of Bell's face? That is the camera that captures those facial dot movements. Now you KNOW Gollum is gonna have some fun with that! The facial camera rigs if memory serves is 100% Weta property and they are the world leaders in this technology.

Further, have a look at all the TINTIN comic strips on the walls in the background. Surely these are hints as to what will actually be shown in the movie - are there any TINTIN fans that can shine any light on that? Yes, we know the adventure that will be focused on (SECRET OF THE UNICORN), but what can these strips tell us?

Could someone please scan the magazine (EMPIRE) and send us the photos as I *HATE* posting images with huge, obtuse watermarks on them - like this one. I don't do it (unless hiding a face or something) and I wish other sites wouldn't either. With scans at least we can post something viewable. Thanks!

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