Thursday, May 07, 2009


Jim here. Europe seems to be taking off with recent 3D projects and a couple of new distribution deals for 3D projects I have been following since early last year. Thanks to Variety for the heads up on the recent distribution deals that finally came to fruition:

First up: We had been following this project since early May of last year - Ben Staussen's AROUND THE WORLD IN 50 YEARS had its distribution rights sewn up by StudioCanal of France. ATW50Y is an animation about a sea turtle and features the voices of Tim Curry, Anthony Anderson, Ed Begley Jr., Pat Carroll, Kathy Griffin, Melanie Griffith, Stacy Keach and Jenny McCarthy. Story revolves around a turtle born in 1959 who travels the globe while it is being affected by global warming.

I think you will agree with me that the image looks very appealing and as with most underwater 3D movies - it should screen extremely well.

Secondly: Seemingly immediately after the StudioCanal announcement, Jordi Llompart's MAGIC JOURNEY TO AFRICA was picked up for distribution by Filmax Entertainment of Spain. This was previously known as THE MAGIC TALE. I had been tracking this project courtesy of Nerea Rubio of Orbita Max (a Barcelona produciton company) who was kind enough to reach out to me back in October of 2008.

The storyline begins with Jana, a 10 year old girl from Barcelona, seeing a bushman boy hospitalized. She then starts a magical journey on her winged-horse searching for him in his land, Africa. While in Africa she will meet Mel, her new best friend, that will travel with her whenever possible. Jana will also interact with other children, animals and magical creatures (encountering a fairy - what little girl would not want to see that!) that will show her the path to imagination and meaning of life. Jana’s magical journey to Africa contains a deep message about friendship, love, passion, nature and imagination. It is a spiritual journey for the adults and a magical travel for the kids, full of mysteries, adventures and discoveries.

Stereographer is William Reeve. The portraits are Eva Gerretsen who plays Jana and Raymond Mvula who is Jana's best friend Mel.

I have a soft spot for this movie. I think it will be a very refreshing change to our normal 3D fare and if it delivers the way I think it will, it should be up for some awards. Mark my words.

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