Saturday, May 02, 2009

BAIT 3D: What If You Were In A Store Being Robbed. Then Its Submerged In A Tsunami. Then A Pack Of Sharks Attacks...

How is that for a premise!?! Jim here. It sounds like TONS of fun and potentially the right guy for the job is helming it up: Russell Mulcahy (HIGHLANDER, GIVE 'EM HELL MALONE, RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION).

Here is the official synopsis:
In a sleepy coastal resort community, shoppers at an underground supermarket find themselves terrorized by a crazed bandit when the unimaginable occurs… A monstrous freak tsunami swallows the town. Now trapped inside a flooded supermarket with an armed maniac and rushing water threatening to entomb them all in a watery grave, the imprisoned band of survivors discover they’re not alone. The tsunami has brought some unwanted visitors from the depths. As the waters rise they must overcome not only the threat of drowning, but another threat, just as deadly and far more bloodthirsty… Packs of hungry tiger sharks.

LOL! I can actually picture this happening and not lose all sense of reality! Is it just me or does this sound like outrageous fun in 3D? More on BAIT 3D when I get it!

Source: Twitch

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