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Quick Post: Giovanni Ribisi Plays Golf Between AVATAR Takes!

**UPDATE May 3: This info is from one of my best AVATAR sources (yes, the Na'vi image source and not the original source of this post), not really spoilerish as it is more character development, but still I have used white text here - to read it simply highlight the area right below this with your mouse.

Selfridge IN FACT plays golf in the movie! "There are scenes in the film where Selfridge 'borrows' a trooper to be his caddy while he practices his chipping on the edge of the base."

And also:
"The 'projection' outside the windows, was just very well painted backdrop. Good old fashioned paint and brushes...on curtain rails. When there was visible action outside, the backdrop was slid off the rails, and a green chroma curtain put up there.

So there are the answers we have been waiting for from this particular post and what this source says is GOLDEN.

Jim here. Well some exclusive insider news from one of my AVATAR sources that felt very comfortable about filling me in on the recent AVATAR scans I was able to obtain.

He said that in Pic #4, that the guy wearing the light shirt and tie is Giovanni Ribisi who plays "Selfridge" and that he often practiced golf in between takes while shooting AVATAR.

Don't know how I missed it but yes, that is definitely a golf club and it certainly seems like Ribisi's stature.

So here is what my source had to further say about Pic #4: "The screens were curved and the information shown was individual for each station, i.e. atmosphere, weather, comms, security etc and so pic6 isn't showing any navi. Pic 4 has the background of Pandora 'somehow' projected onto a huge curved green screen outside the windows. Sometimes filming was done with it there and other times just with the green screen."

So why shoot with a projection sometimes and other times with green screen for CG post processing? Perhaps Cameron leaves the projection there when there is no movement outside and it reduces cost this way? Perhaps they introduce the green screen CG effects when something happens outside (like an attack?).

And what about the golfing! What does this tell us?
But it is kinda cool - and also that Cameron doesn't restrict gameplay on the set. I mean, imagine what would happen if a stray golf ball punctured a hole through the glass? The air from Pandora would engulf them all!! :-)

And yes, we talk about ANYTHING to do with AVATAR around here - you should know that by now right?

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