Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dreamworks Animation: We Are About To Get Totally Immersed In Awesome 3D Projects

Jim here. Got some great news for all you Dreamworks Animation fans out there - they have announced their 3D lineup of movies coming up! Moreover, they have shifted to a schedule of 5 movies every 2 years. The new schedule will make room for 1 or 2 sequels a year plus an original. ALL in 3D of course. The future is here baby!

Let's get into them:

OOBERMIND (Formally MASTERMIND) - voice casting of Robert Downey Jr. and Tina Fey. RDJ's character discovers life isn't as it should be once he kills off his nemesis, Metro Man. The pic is from Ben Stiller's shingle Red Hour Films and is slated for a November 5, 2010 release.

SHREK FOREVER AFTER (Formally SHREK GOES FOURTH) - Instant bonanza. Note to self - Gotta get some DWA stock...

An update on HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON tells us that it is "Set in the world of Vikings and dragons, it centers on an awkward teen who befriends an injured dragon."

KUNG FU PANDA: THE KABOOM OF DOOM - The anticipated sequel to the original blockbuster last year is set for release on June 3, 2011. Jennifer Yuh directs. Melissa Cobb produces.

THE GUARDIANS - From a as yet unpublished book series by author William Joyce (MEET THE ROBINSONS). The story brings together MAJOR children's heros as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost and the Sandman — to defend the world from a Bogeyman-like villain. Jeff Lynch directs. "...The figures have been 'somewhat renamed and massively reimagined' by Joyce, who has supplied each of the figures with a fresh backstory and is collaborating closely on the film." Look for this one on November 4, 2011.

PUSS IN BOOTS - Is a prequel to SHREK 2 (where PIB is introduced to the franchise) with Chris Miller (SHREK 3) directing. March 30, 2012 is the slated date. Not much need to be said about this one, other than back up the Brinks truck...

MADAGASCAR 3 - The zoo creatures go on a European tour through a traveling circus. Eric Darnell directs.

The third DWA movie is slated for November 12, 2012 and may come from one of three options: THE CROODS (caveman comedy), TRUCKERS (miniature creatures living in a department store) or SUPER SECRET GHOST PROJECT (asks what ghosts think of humans).

Personally, I believe THE CROODS will easily win this one out - although ALL THREE are currently in production. Why? One name - JOHN CLEESE. Genius. Period. He co-writes this as well as lends his voice. The original name for this project was CROOD AWAKENING and tells a story of about a big man in a small village called Crood. His position as Leader of the Hunt is threatened by the arrival of a prehistoric genius who comes up with revolutionary new inventions, such as fire... Oh and the Governator himself is said to be lending his voice too - makes for a great caveman personna don't you think?

What an awesome lineup! Really looking forward to PIB and THE CROODS. As their technology and 3D expertise widens - I expect to be wowed with each and every release. No pressure though guys... :-)

Source: Variety

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