Saturday, May 30, 2009

New THE FINAL DESTINATION Poster On The Interwebs

Jim here. There is a new THE FINAL DESTINATION (formally FINAL DESTINATION: DEATH TRIP) poster on the net (UGO). I like the tagline a fair bit: "Rest in pieces" and the imagery itself is definitely eye catching, but still I think something is missing from it.

The feeling I get from this poster is definitely a gimmicky 3D feel and seeing as though this is a 3D horror movie we can expect some of this taking place. Not too much I hope. I thought MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D did a good job of balancing it out despite the constant temptation to use it.

Very interested in seeing another live action horror in 3D - and my feeling is this could be the best one yet due to the proven franchise nature of the series. But if it isn't I will not hesitate to deep six it.

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