Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Avatar Footage at Fantastic Fest Tomorrow

Michael here. Fantastic Fest will have "exclusive footage" from Avatar at 9:45 PM on Wednesday, September 30 at the Alamo S. Lamar 1 theater.

From Fantastic Fest's website:

One of the highlights of the Fantastic Fest 3D program will be a screening of exclusive footage from James Cameron's AVATAR with producer Jon Landau in person to participate in a Q&A with Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News. AVATAR footage courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

There will also be a really cool 3D-focused party (the "Double 3D Dance Party") right after the Avatar presentation:

Following the AVATAR presentation, Fantastic Fest will present a groundbreaking 3-D Film & Interactive Party, presented by RealD and 3DFF. The event will feature multiple 3-D displays and projection screens that will showcase 3-D interactive experiences, in addition to a 3-D Dance Floor Exhibit.

Partygoers will find themselves lost in the 3rd Dimension as they move to the music inside of a stereoscopic 3-D dance floor, which utilizes 3-D projection screens and interactive 3-D televisions. The Fantastic Fest 3-D Film & Interactive Lounge presented by 3DFF and RealD comes equipped with the most technologically advanced dance floor experience ever created for a special event venue.

We would love it if any of you MarketSaw readers attending Fantastic Fest could write in with your experiences of the footage, Landau interview, party, and any other cool things you see!

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